Add iOs source: no mic audio in…

Hi there!
I’m trying to add an iphone 6s/ios 9.3.1 as a source in mimolive 2.2. I’m getting the video, but not the audio from the phone’s mic. Tried all the dropdown options but nothing seems to give me live video and audio simultaneously! Any suggestions please?

Hi Tim, interested in beta testing mimoCam?

@TimGuy You can sign up here for the mimoCam beta:

Have you thought about sending the content from the phone by using Airplay?

OSX can be set up as an Airplay receiver using Reflector as a local app, capturing the video in Mimolive (and audio with loopback) and sending from the iOS device

“Jason Duke” - Yes, we have thought of it. This end of AirPlay is not yet available to developers. The Reflector app is in violation of several contracts developers usually have to sign with Apple. I don’t know why Apple has not yet cracked down on them, but it’s a risk we can’t take. As soon as Apple opens the AirPlay protocol for this kind of uses, we will be on it.

In the meantime, you can use the Reflector app to do this by connecting it via screen source to mimoLive or you can get an AppleTV and hook it up via HDMI.