Access to my Contacts? Why?

Nice app, by the way, and very useful.

Why does the app ask for access to Contacts when first launched? I read about this on 2 out of 11 Mac App Store reviews, with no response by Boinx in the app description, so I’m asking here: why does Mouseposé want to access my Contacts when first launched? I clicked “Don’t Allow” – but what does that mean AND why isn’t this explained anywhere? How hard is it to explain?

It is really not hard to explain, but Apple does not allow us to react to Mac App Store reviews.

The reason is that we would like to use your contact information to pre-fill the support contact form. If you click “Don’t allow” you’ll have to type in your contact information if you plan to use the feedback form rather than it being copied from your contacts. This is really just a convenience that will go away over time as Apple makes it hard to implement such things.



I purchased istopmotion directly from Boinx. The first thing it asked when installing was for access to my contacts. How do you blame that on Apple?

We don’t do anything with your data other than filling the support form. If you file a support request using the built in contact form you have the option to “Add Boinx to your contacts” and to fill your data from the address book. The technology behind address book access changed with OS X Mavericks and we’d have to re-engineer the point where this questions comes up. Since you can always decline if you don’t feel comfortable giving Mouseposé access to your contacts we didn’t change that yet.