Access Syphon Video Sender in Remote Control

Hey There

I would like to have the Syphon Video Sender output as a video source in Remote Control for having all outputs visually at the same spot for live checking.

Many thanks

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the feature request.

You can work around this by looping the Syphon Video Sender into a Syphon Receiver Source and select that source as the video preview in the button on the remote control surface.

Hi Oliver

Unfortunately I can’t get this running as described. Syphon Receiver Source works and shows live preview in window. But does not show anything in Remote Control.

Ah, you’re correct. The Syphon Source must be in use to produce an image. Add a Placer layer to the bottom of your Layer Stack and assign the Syphon Source to it.

Many thanks for that workaround.
Now the question arises, if this doesn’t affect the CPU/GPU load in an inefficient way…? What is your opinion there?

There is an issue with the @Oliver_Boinx suggestion


Layer 1 (top) station logo
Layer 2 (second from top) lower third
Layer 3 (third from top) video switcher 2 cameras
Layer 3 syphon video sender
Layer 4 animated background

The idea of this, is send the animated background as aux output

In the sources, added Syphon Receiver Source
In the outputs, a full screen output, with selected syphon video sender in the video tab.

If you do that, the Syphon output remain freezed unless:

Add a new layer (in my case, in the bottom of layer stack) and select Syphon Receiver as video source.
You have selected this particular layer and see placer preview. Otherwise, the Syphon output to the screen freeze.

In my case, I find easier use the Symon app, and put it full screen in the second monitor

Yes, you’re correct. The source will only create an image if it is in use.

so, is there a workaround to output syphon video sender from mimolive to another screen?

If you want to use Syphon Video Sender output on another screen, just open a second document add a Syphon Receiver to the sources and open up the Program Out Window at the external screen.

But my initial question was to show the Syphon Video Sender output from within “Remote Control” in browser.
So @Oliver_Boinx , is there a solution for this? :slight_smile:

Hi @Andy-R

The solution is to add a Placer layer looping in the Syphon Video Receiver Source to the bottom of the layer Stack. You can then select the source in the Remote Control Surface as the Video Preview and it will send a video because now the source is active.

See: Dropbox - Syphon Remote Control Surface - Simplify your life

Wanted to ask if there is any update to the topic;
a) regarding CPU/GPU usage OR
b) if/when the feature will be available without the described workaround.

The Syphon Sender/Receiver loop has minimal impact on CPU/GPU usage. The Placer layer also has very little impact. What does have an impact is the generation of the JPEG files that are sent to the Remote Control Surface. This will not change when there is a feature that no longer requires the workaround.

If you “only” need a multiview to look at the sources, this feature is available in mimoLive for some time. You can use Apple Sidecar to extend the screen to the iPad and move the multiview window over. This gives you full frame rate and low latency and you can even operate a Switcher Layer using the Apple Pencil from that.

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Thank you @Oliver_Boinx