Abilityt to Split Video During Playback

Please, please add the ability to split video and audio while viewing the video playback. Right now, if we want to cut out a section based on audio (i.e. words said that I want deleted), we have to play the video in the top section to see and hear the audio and video together. Then we must stop the playback, which sends the cursor back to the beginning of the section. We then have to open the timeline, manually scrub to the point where we estimate the audio should be cut (because we can’t hear the audio), then, without letting go of the cursor, hit “C”…and hope it’s the right spot. To me, having the ability to split the video/audio while watching playback is a necessary and basic feature. I’ve checked out Movavi, DaVinci, OpenShot, FinalCut, Filmora, Premiere and they all offer this feature. I’d like to stay with Fotomagico, partly for it’s fast rendering abilities, Ken Burns effect and ability to work with large files, but this is missing feature makes that difficult.