A question about using MimoCam with iPhone & ATEM Mini Pro

I’m trying to use MimoCam with my iPhone 12 max IOS v 16.2 going into my ATEM Mini Pro. I can only get Vertical video, is there a way to get Landscape video with the HDMI out?


Here are a few steps:

Make sure that your iPhone’s orientation isn’t locked in portrait mode - go to Display & Brightness in your phone’s settings and check that Lock Rotation is turned off.

Adjust the video scaler settings on your ATEM Mini Pro - go to “Settings,” select “Video,” and then “Scaler.” Ensure that the Rotate option is set to Auto so that the ATEM Mini Pro can automatically adjust your video output based on input signal.

If neither of these work, check if there is an issue with your MimoCam or HDMI cable. Try connecting your iPhone directly to your ATEM Mini Pro with a different HDMI cable and see if that does the trick!