A "HUD" for Editing Slide Layers

I’ve seen what is called a HUD ("heads up display) that I think would be great for FM! I’ve tried to sketch what I’m suggesting… The advantage of the HUD would be in adjusting the timing for multiple slides (layers). Sure would be neat! (BTW, I was one who suggested adding the little tick marks on the time scale, but they are WAY TOO DIM! Pump them up and/or give them some color!) OK, here comes the attachment and I hope it explains my idea.

Attached image is way too small (I think). I magnified it in Preview and it just pixelated beyond recognition. Could you generate a larger image? I’d like to see what it is you’re suggesting.

As for the “tick marks” on the time scale – I think we BOTH suggested that ;-)! Doesn’t matter. Personally, I don’t find them THAT dim – they ARE visible, and don’t overpower the time scale window. But everyone’s preferences are different. (Oooh, do I hear a “user setting” option?)

I would STILL like to see the ability to “snap” to those tick marks, though. Currently we can only snap to the tick marks located at the “in” and “out” points.

@stantstic: You have to click on the image in the post to get the original screen shot. :slight_smile:

I did that – I still can’t grab the 259 x 655 pixel image. Arrghhh :frowning:

Is it Safari causing the problem? Or a system setting? Hmmm…

(removing my previous post)

OK, hope this is more readable! Thanks! Bye R@y

I don’t know why, but whatever I do to look at those pasted images, I keep getting the thumbnail instead of the “original” file. The above is showing a .png file that’s 432 x 1088, but when copy it to my desktop, or open it in a viewer, it comes up as 51 x 128 (no way to blow that up to read it).

I’ll take any suggestions as to how to open it correctly :slight_smile: I must be missing something.