A few things I would like to see....

Understanding that I am a photographer who uses and likes FM, but also that I am no where near a computer geek…these are some of the things that I would like to see in future editions of FM:

  1. Be able to scale up the Story Board to much larger. The images are just to small to see easily. Really, a light table would be the best idea, then I could arrange my slides as wanted and simply import them to the Story Board. I am aware of the image window, but it’s still pretty small, and won’t let me arrange the images. Did I mention I am a little older and can no longer see as well as once upon a time??

  2. I can drag and drop from Lightroom, and I like that! But for some reason I cannot do so from Apple Photo. I tend to store a lot of processed images there.

  3. When importing a batch of images from Lightroom, and so I assume it might be the same for all external programs, FM insists on placing them in the order taken. I would love to have the option of putting them in to the order I put them in Lightroom. That would really speed things up.

4, Would love to see the ability to set FM to automatically scale down and convert images. It’s a small thing, but one less thing to concern myself with.

  1. I would also love to be able to set the choice of the playback screen when using the Full Screen and make it the default until I had reason to change it.

Now, all that said, there may be work arounds that I am unaware of, and would love to hear about them if you know them!