A couple small issues with 2.0b23

We have a found a couple small issues with the latest release, 2.0b23.

  1. The fade out on the Audio Only layer isn’t working anymore. Audio feed just abruptly quits after the length of the fade time plays out.

  2. On the Placer, Audio Only and PIP layers, the Variant Name does not change when you select a different source. Ie…We have a Placer Layer for videos named “Video”, under the Layer name in the Layer stack, the Variant Name used to update when a new video was selected as the source. Same with the Audio Only and PIP layers. If you double Click on the Variant Name the name of the sources appears, but does not stay. If you double click on the Variant Name and type in the field that will stay, but it was nice to have it automatically update to the name of the source.

It would be great if when “Dissolve” is selected for the transition type in a placer layer the audio in that layer faded out along with the video dissolving.

Other than that, streaming seems to be working great and I haven’t been able to get mimoLive to crash yet despite my best efforts. :slight_smile: