A bug requires a workaround with some automation

Hello friends,

I’m broadcasting 24x7 at http://metatron.tv (YouTube, Periscope and Facebook) for supernatural realtime videos of the sky during the day for cloud formations and at night for etherial beings showing in infrared cameras. There is also music using epidemic sound’s service. Also, live international news and earthquakes with RSS combiners. And some facts about number 27.

It works great except the cameras Motion JPEG sources, they work fine, I use 2 cams to do a PIP setup. At random times they freeze, and the only way to fix them is to go the the source setting and clicking on the URL entry field, then hitting enter. This generally fixes the problem, but sometimes it crashes mimoLive.

I tried to look into the automation setup but there is nothing for reloading the source itself only the layer that uses it as the source but that does not fix the problem. If I turn off the layer then turn it on, it just doesn’t show up (if the cam is frozen).

So, I need either a way to reset the IPCAM source regularly like every x hours or so, since I can’t automate some way to check if the source is frozen or not. Btw, the cams are working fine, it’s mimoLive which is having a problem.

If restarting the source with some automation, then I might need to reload the complete show automatically. I don’t know if there is a way to automate to reload the show and restart all the resources and restart the broadcast.

I couldn’t also find a way to autostart a show when mimoLive is loaded for the first time. If I knew a way maybe I can use Apple automator to quit mimoLive and restart it. Worst case I would setup a reboot and auto start mimoLive with auto login to my account.

Please let me know if I am missing something in this setup.

Kind regards,
Metatron Archangel (yes, in human flesh in this life)