608 / 708 Closed captions out Decklink SDI

Does your software support 608 / 708 Closed captions out Decklink SDI? Thanks

I’m not the programmer of mimoLive, but something like Teletext/Videotext and/or CC-Subtitles needs perfect line assignments and dedicated image processing.

(Initial cost between 1500 and 15000 USD, and annual subscriptions to a diversity of services between 600 and 2000 USD, depends on the provider.)

Do you mean a pass through of the already processed signal, like an overlay? If yes, try this. Download mimoLive trial, capture a TV channel with CCs, output over BMD on a TV and press the TXT button on the TV’s remote controls.

If you mean “Does mimoLive include a CC-processor?”
No, at least not yet.

I hope this helps.