6.5b1-..overload 4k cam + elgatohd60s+ source

I spent a long time searching for the cause of the overload on my Sony ZV1 4K30 camera with Elgato HD60S+ for a 4K30 template. All the last betas were overloading the source (and it was a pulsating load). Rolling back to version 6.4 fixed everything without any issues.

I created a completely clean template with just one camera as the source - the bug still reproduces.

Hi @did It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for testing the beta and reporting your results. This is much appreciated and very helpful. We’re changing some things under the hood to make mimoLive perform better and have already made some progress. Clearly, we missed something here. But each beta gets new improvements, so can you please also check with 6.5b3?

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i’ve checked, reproduced