6.5 freezes every approx. 450 seconds

I’ve recently updated to mimoLive 6.5 and now regularly have freezes in my live video. It seems to happen roughly every 450 seconds (7.5 minutes). Here are w few instances in a volleyball game:


Also the output on the application itself freezes. Any on screen layers with custom content (e.g. counters) also freeze up. After a few seconds the live video comes back and very shortly you sometimes see the videoframes at a much higher frame rate before coming normal again.

Can I safely downgrade to v6.4 to prevent these problems? Or can this quickly be fixed in a beta?

Edit: changed 5.6 to 6.5

Hi @eMilty Yes, you can downgrade.

Can I quickly confirm that you really mean 5.6 and not 6.5? (6.5 is the most recent version.)

If you’re really talking about 5.6, can you please download 6.5 and try again?

If you’re at 6.5, please take a process sample while this is happening so we can investigate:

No sorry, it’s 6.5, the latest version.

@eMilty Thanks for getting back to me. I’m very sorry for the troubles and thanks for reaching out.

This also happens on the mimoLive screen? Are you by chance also recording locally?

It looks like another problem we fixed in mimoLive 6.6b1. Could you give that a try and report back?

If you can, it would be really helpful to get a process sample just as this happens.

PS.: What is your system config? What Mac are you using and which version of MacOS?

I will give the beta a go.

System is a MacBook Pro with M1 Max 10‑core CPU, 32‑core GPU, 32 GB RAM and 4 TB SSD.

Noticed the same thing on 6.5 today. Freezing every few minutes causing dropped frames. Streaming and recording locally with M1 Max on Ventura 13.2. Downgrading to 6.4 solves it for now.

@dagstuan Can you please try mimoLive 6.6b1?

If it happens there as well, please take a process sample while it’s happening.

It would be extremely helpful if we could get some insight into this.

It looks like 6.6 beta 1 has fixed this flickering / freezing problem.