6.4B1 Zoom Meeting Testing

So I just got back from NAB and was anxious to test the 6.4B1 with new zoom meeting capabilities.

I did have some inconsistency with video coming in from zoom. I did add mimo to accessibility settings, and that worked once, but another time the video did not come in and I had to re-start ML.

More concerning is there appears to be a memory leak. ML has crashed twice after about 10 mins with zoom sources.

I am running test on a Mac Studio M1Max, 64GB ram and OS 13.2.1

Another observation is that my sources from Zoom are 720p, but I have selected 1080 in ML. I know that my Zoom account is 720p enabled, but I had hoped that using this tool would enable 1080 from Zoom. Anyone else getting this behavior?

Hi @Art_Aldrich What you’re seeing is the expected result as per Zoom. In order to get 1080p, you need a Business account from Zoom and have 1080p enabled on it via a Tech Support Ticket (just ask nicely). This seems to be a fairly recent change.

The problem with the Business Acconts is, that, although they aren’t that much more expensive per user, you need to get at least 10 users which makes it more than 10 times as expensive than an individual pro account. There seems to be an eco-system of companies who “sub-let” Business accounts with 1080p enabled.

I found a YouTube video that claimed that you get 1080p when join a meeting with a Facebook Portal, which are available very cheap on the second hand market.

Thanks for reporting that memory leak. We should have it fixed in the next version.