5K Projector Disaster Presentation

My onsite photo slideshow was a disaster last night. The wedding venue provided a big old projector (someone told me it’s 5k, I don’t know what the term exactly). When I plugged in my MBP, it automatically set to a mirror and split screen. When I played my slideshow the photos in my fotomagico got resize in a way it got zoom in to about 1/2 or 1/4 of the original display I made. When I stopped it, my fotomagico crashed. I have a duplicate but unfortunately I must have duplicated it on the first part where ther’s no song and the deleted images are still there. Another problem I encounter, my fotomagico don’t seem to sync with my iPhoto properly. After I arranged my photos in iPhoto and try to open it in fotomagico it doesn’t show how I arranged it in iphoto. It only shows how iphoto arranged it when I transferred them. Please help… My projector incident will happen again for sure. I think last night was the second time, I was not just so aware that the projector cause it. This one I know it’s the projector, because it happened to the video next to me. When they played their onsite video the screen got bigger also. They are using mbp also. But since their video has been rendered they didn’t have much problem.
Thank you for the help.

  1. Projector: It may be that the you have to setup the correct screen refresh rate in the MacBook so that the projector displays the screen correctly: Open “System Preferences” and select “Displays”, you will get two windows (one on each screen) to setup the output resolution (and sometimes the screen refresh rate as well)

  2. Sorted iPhoto Library: Did you use a “Album” in iPhoto to sort your images? Currently we only can get the manual sort order via an album. Please try to create an album with your sorted images and check in FotoMagico if it is sorted correctly.

  3. FotoMagico crashing: Please send a crash log to support(at)boinx.com so we can have a look at it.