I’m now on 5.ob68 and everything, so far, is going on smoothly.
Next stage, I’ll be testing the own made snippets.

I once was able to create a snippet and to save it.
This was a while ago.

This time, as we’re approaching the final commercial release, I tried it once more.

I’m sure I had my snippet made, following the steps of the help function, but I was unable to save it !!!

The help function must be incomplete, at least concerning the steps needed to properly implement the snippet( I’m not talking about the complexity of making a snippet - I agree it’s a lengthy and patient exercise - but certainly worthwhile).I’m adressing rather the workflow, the sequence of the steps to be taken, and of course, how to finally save the work.This latter point, the saving, is not working following the described root in the help function.

Could you, Sebastian, have a new look at the help function and clarify the different steps.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.