5.4 beta 1 issue with iOS access

Just noting that I am unable to access my iPhone devices in mimoLive 5.4b1. I get the following error: MacOS denied access to (my iPhone). You need to grant access for this type of device to mimoLive in the macOS Security and Privacy system preferences in order to make it work. I have poured through the system preferences and see nowhere to grant access. Google searches revealed plenty of file and folder access tips, but I did not see how to grant access to the phone itself.

I reverted back to the mimoLive 5.3.1 and was again able to access the phone. I suspect this is an issue with the beta and hope it will be fixed in a coming soon release. If not, could you kindly advise how I can grant access to macOS Catalina for my iDevices? Thank you.

Hello @alternativeplan.

Thank you for the feedback.

I have tested mimoLive with an iPhone on macOS Catalina and Mojave.

My test setup was:
macOS Catalina/Mojave mimoLive 5.4b1
iOS version 13.2.3.
The iPhone has been trusted by the used machine.

To verify that the setup was working I had to check the source repository. I went and tried to add and “iOS Device Video” source. I wasn’t always able to because it was greyed out. I hat to unplug my iPhone and reattach it.

I have been able to reproduce the mentioned issue on Mojave:

The error message is misleading, it’s a bug. However, the iOS device can be connected and used.

Could you please check if you can add a “iOS Device Video” source with the shown message (as a temporary workaround)?

Good evening all the team,

Indeed, OS Catalina recognizes blackmagic Atem mini. quicktime, photo, skype and the blackmagic atem configuration softwaert. Except mimolive 5.3.1 and beta 5.4b. the other products like ultra mini studio, there is no problem.

But friends who have bone avg or hight sierra, it works fine.

I thank you for the feedback.

Very good evening.

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