4k streaming setup

any body can help with 4k streaming setup
the frame rate setup?
its not the full HD setup,
i do have very good internet connection with upload of 350mbps and stil having issues
happy new year to everybody.
i realy appreciate if some can go through with me the steps how to set it up,

Hi @akeel Happy new year!

There are a lot of moving parts in your request.

In mimoLive you can basically set any resolution, frame rate and data rate for your stream. The restricting factors are:

  • How powerful is your Mac?
  • What are the specifications of your streaming provider or server regarding ingest streams?
  • What bandwidth is available between your Mac and your streaming provider/server?

For example, setting mimoLive to 3840x2160 at 30 fps and streaming to YouTube at 10 to 20mpbs should give you a decent 4K stream. However, your Mac may not be powerful enough to encode the stream, or YouTube could be overloaded by other users uploading videos. Both will give you issues, but they will have very different reasons.

What Mac are you using? What streaming service or server are you using? What data rate and frame rate did you set your document up for? What are the issues you have?

I’m happy to help you here in the forum. We also do offer a one-to-one coaching session where we can look at your setup via TeamViewer and help directly.

My experiences:

  1. low latency streaming is currently impossible. Ask your audience a question and you’ll get—up to 10 minutes later—a reply. (Youtube is responsible for this.)
  2. audience often tries to get 4k30p or 4k60p, complaining while live that they are not able to receive it properly. (lags, because their devices are not fast enough. Additionally, YT needs lots of time to downscale, so others have to wait also. See 1.)
  3. hands on heart: even if the Mac is fast enough to stream 4k, the majority of the audience is just able to receive 1080p25 or 1080p30. And for my German class: for about 60% of my participants 720p24 is the limit.

But if you want, create a new document with UHD/4k dimensions. Add 4k-sources, add output destinations. That’s it. Hardware? Depends on your needs.

Just curious… which streaming platform allows 4k?
I mean, even ESPN 4k downscale the stream to 1080p60…

I did 4K streams to YouTube…