4k output???

Does FotoMagico have some kind of 4k output? When you start FM it asks you what format you will be outputting and one of the options is 4k. But, when I try to create a custom video at 4k resolutions it just crashes.

Also, what about outputting for ipad retina resolution? What’s the best way to do that?

Also, in what ways is a standalone player better than a .mov file for 1080p? Does the standalone player work for PC’s?

are you running the latest version of FotoMagico 4? The export shouldn’t crash :frowning:
Please check what profile is set in the “Video” tab of the custom video export. Make sure the “Auto” flavor of your desired profile is selected. If you are not sure, select “Baseline Auto”.

Same goes for retina export. Simply do a custom export with the desired resolution, file-format m4v and “baseline auto” as the profile.

The standalone player contains the FotoMagico engine and the original images. This means maximum quality as it is in essence the same like hitting “present fullscreen” in FotoMagico, without the editing interface.
A standalone player only works on Macs.