4K H265 output

Newbie question: I’m outputting slideshows for display on a 4K TV that likes H265 input. At present, it looks like the workflow for that is to export to ProRes, and then to open the rendered video in Handbrake and reencode it to H265.

Is FotoMagico likely to add direct support for H265 if you’re working in 4K–or is there a better/faster way to do this?

Hi, currently FotoMagico 5 doesn’t offer H.265 or HEVC encoding. We rely on the codecs offered by OS X and Apple has not yet included such a codec. When it becomes available in OS X, we will support it. Unfortunately, using a third party encoder is currently not an option at this time due to ridiculous licensing terms.

So, yes, currently the workflow would be to export to ProRes and use a third party tool to reencode to H.265