4.9GB file will not copy to 32GB Flash Drive

I have a 4.9GB FM file that will not copy to a 32GB Datatraveller Flash Drive with 14.7GB of free space. I get a a message (see attachment) saying ‘The item +++++ cant be copied because its too large for the volume’s format’. I do not know what that actually means.

Hi @nostrebor1 The error message means that the stick doesn’t have a format that supports larger files. I guess it is formatted in FAT32. The file size limit is just under 4GB and the maximum size for the volume is 32 GB.

Use the “Disk Utilities” app to format the stick in exFAT so that you can use larger files on it and also use it on Mac and Windows. Note that formatting deletes all data on the stick. Please refer to the vendor’s information on how to properly format the stick.

Thanks, I will reformat after I have copied the files onto my Mac HD