4.3b1 bug report

  1. i have 1 plaсer with mp4 hevc + 1 audio layer with mp3 music
  2. when i turn on enadle ducking and choose mp3 this music source - i can start live placer with mp4, but can’t start it any more.
  3. strange: when i select 1 placer and try to live - always working, if i select another layer, i cant start 1 playcer
  4. if i disable ducking - everything work well


5. use windows capture (WC) with skype source (for interview)
6. playcer with WC is lagging (it was working well on old versions of 3.*)
7. sizes of windows of WC in Split screen layer and interview layer are not equal.
in interview layer, it is too bigger

@did Thank you for reporting this.

Regarding 1-4. If I understand your scenario correctly, this is a known issue. I can reproduce this with an Audio Only layer whose ducking source is a media source. Another layer using this media source (the ducking source layer so to speak) will only start once. The workaround, although not always feasible, is to de- and reactivate the Audio Only layer using the ducking source. This allows the ducking source layer to start again, although still only once.

@did The latest beta 4.3b4 fixes the first bug (1-4). If you could test it with your setup and report back it would be very much appreciated.