4.1 'update'

I just downloaded…its a zipfile so of course I click to unzip and nothing happens…turns out that the full 4.1 program shows up but doesnt launch like most dmgs do - its not a dmg its simply the program apparently…so there are no instructions how to acutually ‘update’ 4.0 to 4.1…its just sitting there in my download folder now…do I delete 4.0 completely and just move this new one into my application folder or what do I do? Good grief, I dont understand why you don’t conform to dmg standards and do the work for me like all other programs I’ve ever used do. Can any one help?

Usually the update process is painless, because the application updates itself automatically. For this process the application needs to have an zip file which is exactly our downloadable binary. In particular all the 4.0.x releases do have a bug that prevent the automatically update. Therefore we have to ask our customers to download the zip file manually, unzip it and move the new application file to the location of your old application file. The Finder will ask you if you want to replace the “old file” and you confirm this. All your user data is stored somewhere else and you don’t have to worry to loose anything when replacing the old application file with the new one. We apologize for this inconvenience.