4.0X beta - all versions - Video playback bug

Okay - already reported this and sent a DM to admin but since then I’ve done a lot of testing.

On beta (4.0banything) - if you have a stock video source (MP4 or Mov - doesn’t matter), put it in a placer or similar layer stack then go live - the video will play, speed up erratically around the 20 second mark and freeze (audio plays fine). Also the Layer timer starts flickering.

A few thoughts occurred. Converted files vs New Files. 720 vs 1080 etc etc. No.

To replicate the issue.

  • If you go live with Layer Stack previewing the video that is also on the Program Output - it goes crazy
  • If you go live but have a different Layer Stack sitting idle in the preview window (a lower third or something) - the Program Output will playback just fine.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your report! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on my machine. Maybe its depending on the movie you are playing back? Please can you provide a sample document (via a DM) which shows this behaviour? Thanks!