2 pictures/different timing

I want ‘image 1’ on the left half of the screen and image 2, lets say 5 seconds later, on the right half of the screen. How do I do that?

I’m making some assumptions here, since you’re not specific as to which version of FM you’re using nor when ‘image 1’ appears, so I’m going with FM 6.3.3 (the latest) and ‘image 1’ appearing when the slide begins.

Select ‘image 2’ on the Timeline and then click on the “Options” panel at the right. In the “Image” subsection, click the “Opacity” sub-subsection to see a “graph” of the opacity of the image. The line between the points designates the opacity of the image from the top (full opacity at 100%) to the bottom (0% opacity, or invisible) over the length of the slide. The quickest way to adjust this is to click on the little gear icon to the right and in the drop-down menu choose “Fade In,” then double-click on the opacity graph to display a pop-up dialog box that shows the timing and opacity percentages for each of the points in the graph. You can move each point in the graph and watch the values change in the dialog box. or you can type in the exact numbers in the dialog box to watch the graph change (you have to enter a value and then go to another box before the graph adjusts (hitting the Tab key is the easiest). In your case, just click on the appropriate box and enter “5s” – that should do it.

You can add points to the graph by Command-clicking on the line, or delete points by right-clicking on them. And you can move the points to adjust a fade-in rather than an abrupt appearance or disappearance.

Just play with the graph, add points, delete points, or adjust the timing and percentages using the dialog box. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

Hope that helps…