2 camera replay

Hi, i currently have a M1 Pro macbook pro with 16 gb memory. can i do 2 layers of instant replay.

im also looking for a way to stop buffer on both replays.

I have 1 input from atem mini and another from a sdi capture card. total 5 camera setup. I’d like to show the instant replays from both video inputs back to back. I mostly intend to do sports live streaming.

id like to save last 10 secs from each input, stop buffer at the same time for both and a way to trigger play on both replays back to back seamlessly…
Thank you, umesh.

The Instant Replay layer stores all the unpacked raw video frames in the graphics card. Therefore, whether your Mac can handle two Instant Replay layers depends on the frame rate of your document and the video dimensions of your sources. The best way to find out is to actually try it. There are no other limitations besides hardware capabilities.

To trigger both replay layers simultaneously, you can either use the Remote Control Surface and program a single custom button with multiple actions to trigger the “Stop” buttons in both layers, or you can use an Automation Layer to trigger those buttons with two httpRequest() commands. You can obtain the URL for triggering the buttons by right-clicking on them to get a context menu, which will let you copy those URLs to the clipboard.

Playing back both replays in sequence can be a bit tricky. I would suggest using an Automation Layer that triggers the replay start button in one Instant Replay layer, then use the sleep() command to wait a couple of seconds before starting the second replay.

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