Zoom Timeline to much smaller

Why is the timeline in FM 6 much smaller than in FM5.
The zoom range is very small, so that even with the largest zoom, the audio curve can work poorly.

Are you talking about the horizontal scale, or the vertical scale (which can’t be changed)? You say the Timeline is much “smaller,” but in relation to what? There is still the Scale slider at the bottom left of the main window, where you can drag the slider to increase or decrease the visual length of the Timeline. On my 27" monitor, the “vertical” scale of the audio tracks (actually all of the audio AND the image layers) IS A BIT SMALLER in FM 6 than in FM 5, but not by much.

Don’t forget, also, that in FM 5 you were limited to the number of image layers (6) and three audio tracks. In FM 6 you still have a maximum of three audio tracks, but your layer count for a single slide is NOT limited (within reason). You can now expand the Timeline section upward to see more layers (but of course you shrink the working stage area at the same time). Still, the audio tracks and image layers within the Timeline do NOT expand vertically.