Zoom malfunction

Mir ist folgender Fehler aufgefallen

Die in die Timeline eingesetzten Bilder werden in unterschiedlicher Größe eingesetzt. Möchte ich diese alle auf „Ebene in Bühne einpassen“ setzen, wähle ich sie aus, gehe mit der rechten Maustaste in die entsprechende Auswahl. Das funktioniert aber nicht. Es werden nur einzelne Bilder entsprechend angepasst. Ebenso ist es nicht verständlich dass in der Menüleiste der Befehl zoomen unter Diashow steht und nicht unter Bearbeiten. Das ist unlogisch.

I noticed the following error

The images put in the timeline are placed in different sizes. If I want to set them all to “Fit level in stage”, I select them, right-click to the corresponding selection. But that doesn’t work. Only individual images are adjusted accordingly. It is also incomprehensible that in the menu bar the zoom command is under Slideshow and not under Edit. That’s illogical

If I resize/zoom and/or move images manually on the stage, then select all of them at once and right click, then from the pop-up menu select Animation > Assistant… > then select Horizontal Images and check “Fit to Stage” and select Vertical Images and check “Fit to Stage” and then click on the Apply button, all of the images resize accordingly to fit the stage and become centered, all as expected.

In other words, it works for me.

As for the Zoom Command being located in the Slideshow Menu and not the Edit Menu, I believe there’s an argument for both possibilities. That the Zoom Command appears in the Slideshow menu sorta makes more sense because of its tie-in to the Animation > Assistant… menu where multiple “global” settings are incorporated regarding zooming, panning, and fitting to the stage.

I’ve been using FM long enough to have gotten used to just zooming and panning images manually on the stage and using the Zoom and Rotation buttons directly under the stage area.