YouTube videos longer than 15 minutes

Hi there,

I have an old YouTube account that allows me to post videos that are not limited to 15 minutes. However, if right after a live BoinxTV broadcast I try to upload videos that exceed this duration, I get a message from within the BoinxTV dialog box saying I’m not allowed. Then I have to encode the video and upload it using the standard YouTube website procedure, which turns out to be an unnecessary hassle…

Can you confirm the YouTube upload feature was implemented with this restriction? If so, can we expect it to be reviewed in the future?

Thanks a lot,

Hello Gustavo,

sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, there is a hardcoded limit of 15 minutes for YouTube videos in BoinxTV (1.8.1) and I will take your statement as a feature request to change this, but I can’t promise. Thanks a lot!