YouTube Streaming - doing something wrong

Hi all.

Trying to set up a YouTube stream and clearly doing something wrong. I have successfully set up a YouTube stream using the service setting “custom RTMP server”. Copied in the ingest server, stream key and so. That seemed to work

But what I can’t work out is how the Youtube service setting is supposed to work. I have set up YouTube in my accounts (in preferences) and then when I select this as the service setting - there are no options for stream key and nothing happens if I go live. The scheduled live streams are there in the dropdown list, but when I go live (at the scheduled time) nothing appears. What am I doing wrong?


OK - may have solved my own problem. Apparently if you flick the “enable auto-start” setting it seems to work. What I don’t get is how the scheduled time on YouTube interacts with mimolive. It does not seem to make any difference what the time is, and what the scheduled time is set to, I can go live on mimolive whenever I want.

Hi there, thanks for giving mimoLive a try.

You can set up a scheduled live stream on YouTube and select it in mimoLive. When you turn on streaming in mimoLive, it will start sending video to YouTube. In the YouTube Live Control Room you will see the “preview” coming in and will have to start the live stream manually. There doesn’t seem to be a way to start the stream automatically at the predetermined time.

You don’t need the RTMP settings if you’re using the YouTube streaming destination.

Thanks for super swift reply. You folks over at Boinx are doing a cracking job keeping up with support. :clap: :clap:

I think I have it all sorted out in my head now. Just need to set everything up and get to grips with a while slew of new settings.