Yosemite problem

Hi! I need to run Yosemite for some dev work I am doing, and I don’t use FotoMagico all that often. However, as fate would have it, I just got a rush project and even after updating to the latest FotoMagico build the preview views for the slides are shifted up and out of position.

Not sure if there is anything that can be done about it very quickly, I will probably have to set up a Mavericks boot environment to get this project done. But I thought I would post it here as an FYI to others. I don’t know that resetting preferences/etc will do anything to help, but I will try.

Running on a Late-2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15" if that matters.

currently this issue hasn’t been fixed yet. we plan to be fully yosemite compatible once the final version is release to the public

Yosemite GM seed was released today, problem still exists. I would prefer (smile) that you guys have a working solution before the release date, not waiting for the release date to start working on a solution.

I too am working on a project… I upgraded to Yosemite after checking that Logic Pro X was compatible - forgot to see if FotoMagico
was! Any news on a fix… I can’t do any of the “cool things” I said I could do. i.e.: control the building of the slideshows effects. I don’t want to try to roll back my operating system. Everything else I use and need for work, works.
I can see the stage area, it’s all cut off as above and cannot place anything properly on the slides.
thanks for any help.

just an update on my status.
The support team allowed me to access the most recent stand alone version of the software (mine was from app store).
They said it takes a while for Apple to push through updates…
This version works with Yosemite! Just tried a few test slides everything is working so far.
“Big Thanks” to the fast support team at FotoMagico.

I got that problem, how to fix it?

When I move slides to the working area and try to re position the slides Fotomagic crashes. I lost an important slide show for a client after upgrading to Yosemite. When is a fix going to be posted as Fotomagic is useless at this point. I have sent emails to Bonix with no responses to date. This is a critical issue with me.

so is the 4.5.2 that is available through Boinx the version that fixes the Yosemite issues- makes it “fully yosemite compatible” as Bastion said? The download/ install dialog mentioned a workaround, but I don’t know if that was the compatibility that is mentioned here.

I’m going to Yosemite tomorrow if FotoMagico works. ::grin::


I have 4.5.2 installed and the software still crashes. The crashes all happened after I installed Yosemite. I do not think the software was updates. It is odd that it is taking so long as there was no secret about Yosemite coming on the market.

This is getting really annoying. The program is periodically saying it is saving the slide show, then just crashes. When the software comes back nothing was saved. No word from the company on this, just silence when you email customer and tech support.