Yosemite Compatibility

Is BoinxTV compatible with Yosemite?

Currently BoinxTV is not yet fully Yosemite compatible. We saw a lot of changes in the last iterations and wanted to make sure we fix the last issues on a final version of OS X 10.10

When you do fix the compatibility with Yosemite, please fix the process where when you open Fotomagic after opening it prior, the iPhoto upload takes way too long to come into the program. I have 15,000+ images on iPhote, plus multiple slideshows that are the same but the program either does not save these for future uploads, or there is a bug. I usually open the program and go grab a cup of coffee as the loading of the images takes way too long.

Hi there, any updates on the compatibility with Yosemite? We’re up at 10.10 I believe. Scared to upgrade, as I use BoinxTV every day and do not want to lose it!

Hi, are we safe to upgrade to Yosemite??

I’ve had audio latency issues coming from the Blacmagic Intensity Pro card in BoinxTV, but in no other program. I don’t know if it’s a Yosemite issue or not yet. I’m running 10.10.2.