Yet another audio mix problem

Guys this is getting frustrating. The latest version of ML does not play audio through any created audio mix. I can hear in program mix, but of course I cannot mute myself to avoid latency. Last version also had audio bugs. What is going on? Without the ability to monitor, I can’t do a show. What makes matters worse is that when I tried to downgrade to 4.1, the program file will not open. The entire application hangs as soon as it gets to “audio configuration.” Recreating the program file will take me several hours, and since I cannot monitor anyway, I’m not convinced it would be time well spent.

Look, I applaud the rapid pace at which you are adding features, but since version 4.1, audio has been a disaster. New features are not helpful if it breaks core functionality of the application. I think you guys should take a long look at your QA process and maybe consider a few more beta cycles before releasing. Tech support has been very slow with answers or follow up. I’m very frustrated. I normally love this product, but I am starting not to trust it. I should not have to hold my breath every time I get an update notification.

We received the document from your support request three days ago and were able to fix the bug that caused this behavior in the meantime. The bug fix will be part of the next beta release.

The underlying issue is that due to a bug that has been present since version 4.1, mimoLive cannot handle more than 4 audio mixes at a time. It is important to note that audio mixes are not only used in output destinations but also in mimoCall sources. In your case the total number of audio mixes in use exceeds the magic number of 4 by 1, i.e. the monitor mix.

A workaround exists if you can give up one of your mimoCall sources. You will have to remove it entirely so that only two mimoCall sources exist in the source repository. Then you need to remove the audio mix used for the monitor audio output destination and recreate it. Only that way a new audio mix ID will be created internally that allows the audio engine to actually make use of it. With this setup you should be able to receive audio output through program mix as well as monitor mix and both mimoCall clients should be able to hear the program mix. mimoCall sources created afterwards will work but their clients won’t hear the program mix. In case this is a viable workaround for you until the next beta release, I am sending you a changed copy of your document via direct message. The monitor mix will already work without you having to recreate it. You should remove one of the three mimoCall sources so you know for sure which ones will work. Then save the document, close and reload it.

Regarding your frustration with audio bugs in the past few versions. It is true that a lot of work went into the audio engine and naturally those changes also caused new and existing bugs to surface. Since mimoLive is a heavily modular environment where users can put together very simple and very complex shows the beta phases are most important for us to catch things we were not able to produce ourselves during development and testing. We had quite a few beta rounds and to my knowledge no user before you ran into this issue or took the time to report it. So, thank you for doing so now!

@“X Oriente” I understand your frustration and I’m sorry for the troubles. I appreciate your honesty regarding your feelings about the product quality. We will do our best to improve this. Thanks for your patience.


I experienced these audio problems as well, but after all the time I spent trying to isolate the problem, I just didn’t have enough time to document the bug. I solved it temporarily by shifting all my mix to external hardware. I really wasn’t sure that it wasn’t just a problem with my Presonus desk’s drivers.

Beni and Oliver, can you please tell us the best way to submit bugs during the Betas? Is it the Beta forum?

@wibbly Sorry to hear you are affected by this bug as well. I understand that the issue can be hard to pin down.

During the Betas the Beta forum is the best way to report bugs.

However, we do not monitor the forums 24/7. So if you’re looking for an immediate response or don’t see a response from us in due time don’t hesitate to contact our support team via phone or the tech support form. BTW both links are also available from the mimoLive Help menu.

@“X Oriente” @wibbly Could you please give the latest beta 4.3b4 a try and see if it fixes your issues? The initial fix already was in 4.3b3 but it broke audio return from mimoCall clients, so please don’t use that.

I will try tomorrow. Thank you for your help.