Would this set-up work? 2cam+projector feed+USB mixer+ExtHDD Recording

Would you mind telling me if this set-up would work with boinx?

Here is my guess for a solution, but would this work? I need an extra Thunderbolt port on my 2012 retina Macbook Pro so I can have direct Ethernet while still using 2 HD cameras through Thunderbolt. This Elgato Thunderbolt Dock would do the trick, but will Boinx recognize the camera plugged through it?

-Thunderbolt port 1: Elgato Thunderbolt Dock. Plugged in to this dock would be 1 Sony CX-560+UltraStudio Mini into thunderbolt and an Ethernet cable for internet)

-Thunderbolt 2: Second Sony CX-560 plus UltraStudio Mini

-USB3 Port: Intensity Shuttle USB3 Version (For Projector) - If projector does not have HDMI out can I use S-video and mix this in to the switching with the HD Sony’s or would I need a scaler?

-2nd USB3 Port: Peavey USB Mixer to digitize the audio.

So the big questions are,

  1. Can I plug a camera-UltraStudioMini-Elgato Thunderbolt Dock to my computer and have the camera recognized by Boinx?

  2. Can this laptop handle this set-up while recording the program feed and also streaming to the internet?

  3. Will a projector feed mix with the Sony Cameras even if the projector is feeding in a different resolution?

  4. Can I record in HD while streaming either using internal drive or External USB3 drive? I could use a powered USB3 hub with Peavey mixer and External drive plugged in.

Most of the main equipment pieces I would use in this rig:

-Mid 2012 Macbook pro retina 15" 2.3ghz i7 8gb Ram
-2x Sony CX-560 HDMI Cameras
-2x Blackmagic UltraStudio Recorders
-Elgato Thunderbolt Dock --> http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Elgato/10024010R/
-Black magic Intensity Shuttle USB3 version (for capturing a projector or adding a 3rd camera)
-Peavey USB 4ch mixer (for PA audio feed)

Thank you so much!

  1. Yes you can, the mac will recognize whatever is attached to the Dock.

  2. Probably not. Running 3 HD feeds into this machine while encoding a Stream at the same time will very likely kill this machine. If have this machine with 16GB of RAM and it maxes out at 2 HD Streams (including the projector) while encoding a stream.

  3. Yes, BoinxTV doesn’t care about different resolutions, you can scale and position them however you want.

  4. Yes, as long as the machine can cope with the load you can do so. If you want to record to an external USB drive, make sure you connect the drive to a USB 3 Hub together with the audio interface and keep the Intensity Shuttle to its own dedicated port on the Mac since it will require more bandwidth than the USB Audio interface