Would like to diplay a Metadata field (title) from image file during image competition...

I will be broadcasting an image competition via webcast with bointv and would like to show the image title.

Is there a way to access the metadata from an image file when displaying an image?

I will have 300 images being presented over two days.

If not meta data, can i use the file name, which will be a number, as a key to lookup a cooresponding table entry which will be the title?

Any help appreciated.


Hello Jim,

currently this task can not be accomplished natively in BoinxTV. Anyways you can create your own layer that can display the name of the file and meta data of the image with QuartzComposer by Apple (and some 3rd party plugins for it). You will find some more information about “Creating Your Own Layers” on this page: http://www.boinx.com/boinxtv/creativepossibilities/ (Please click on the “Read More…” button in this section.) You can hire us to create such a layer for you, too.

I really this this as an enhancement of the placer layer.

You already select the image with the content selector. Just need to add option to select a metadata field and display it. This would be a huge benefit for people that want to broadcast images and would be a considerable selling point for your software.

Is there an official method for requesting an enhancement for BoinxTV?

Thank you,
Jim Roselli

You are always welcome to select the “Provide Feedback…” menu item in any of our applications. You will get a feedback assistant window where you can select “Feature Request” as the type of feedback. Thank you very much!