Working the Day Shift Got You Down? Lighten Up!

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        <p>If you work a 9-5 job, you know not every minute of every day is going to be exciting, and when it’s a beautiful summer day, sometimes it can be a bummer to be stuck inside. But don’t let the daily workday get you down – let your surroundings inspire you to make your work that much better! That’s what this industrial worker does when a mishap in the factory lets a few rays of sunshine in.  Day Shift by iStopMotion pro Ian Timothy is a short animation made with – you guessed it! – <a class='externallink' href=''>iStopMotion</a>, plus an interesting combination of nuts, bolts and screws. The 17-year-old has already <a class='externallink' href=''>perfected the art of claymation</a>, so we’re especially excited to see him exploring a whole new medium – and of course, not at all surprised that he’s managed to perfect that one as well!  Check out more from Ian!<a class='externallink' href=''>Grace Adele and the Grand Band Dream in iStopMotion</a><a class='externallink' href=''>365 Days in Two Minutes</a><a class='externallink' href=''>Beaver Creek Episode Six</a><a class='externallink' href=''>Morph: Fair Play By Ian Timothy</a></p>
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I’m excited as well to see him branch out into a wider medium for stop-motion. Clay has it’s limits.