Workaround for memory limit...what we do...

Hi, I’ve been trying to find out how to best handle video playback while I’m streaming through BoinxTV and wanted to share my workaround.

To begin, let me give you a quick idea of what my setup is. (if any has any suggestions, pls share):
Using a MBP, i7, 16 GB RAM, I believe 2.7 GHz, running BoinxTV off a 128 SSD and connected via USB are two spin HDD; 2TB, and 1TB. I use a powered USB hub for those which also has attached the input from EyeTV which I capture HDMI video input from my gaming consoles through Elgato GameCaputre HD. The remaining USB on the MBP holds my BLUE Yeti Pro audio mic.

I have BoinxTV screen cap the EyeTV input which is shown on the MBP Display. I connect my 2nd display via thunderbolt and DVI connect and this is the monitor I keep BoinxTV doc open on. I send the preview of BoinxTV to the MBP display and have CamTwist grab that and send it to CocoaSplit. I use Audio Hijack to grab the audio from the line-in n the MBP which has an iPad connected as a sound effects board for my producer.

Now here’s the workaround:
Instead of loading videos into BoinxTV (if they are super small, then I will anyway), I load all my videos onto youtube as unlisted (these are my personal segment videos used for production). I then purchased a program on the App Store called TubeTab ($4.99). What this does and allows me to plug in a video url and play the video back in a single window the can stay floating on top of everything else. I then have BoinxTV screen cap that window. If there are videos of, for example, video game trailers that I’m playing back, TubeTab allows my to search Youtube and select from given results and then I just need to switch to my Youtube screen cap in BoinxTV when I want to show it. It takes some extra clicks around but with TubeTab floating on top, it’s not that hard. The gray space below in the initial preview playback area in the BoinxTV doc is a good place to “float” TubeTab over because there isn’t anything else under to worry about.

I’ve been also considering placing videos in CamTwist and using the Studio window in there to playback videos through saved setups. Doing it this way is BEST if you have set videos you always use, such as intros, or bumpers. It takes the load of BoinxTV and allows CamTwist to send it directly to CocoaSplit without BoinxTV interference and keep BTV under the memory limit.

I invite you to take a look at our production. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll continue to check back and offer what advice I can.

(also, Boinx, how do I go about maybe a sponsorship? I’ve been telling many folks about this great application and a lot can’t believe the power of it! I’d be happy to become an ambassador of BoinxTV with some help with promoting my channel and productions. I’m even up for creating a small spinoff show for the casual to hardcore streamer offering tips and help as I’ve been doing the live streaming for about 4 years now.

Thanks for reading…

Our latest:
Another example:

Forgot to mention, I use the FaceTime cam on the MBP as a main cam and have a LifeCam connected via USB (to the powered hub) for a secondary cam. So the monitor in front of me at the studio desk in the 2nd display and the MBP is sitting farther away so the cam can pick up our green screen behind us. I also use the BLUE Yeti Pro to capture sound from the whole room since it’s multi-directional. I made an audio only layer in Boinx to receive that sound and applied a noise gate enhancement to the whole document to eliminate the background noise and humming from the BLUE Yeti Pro. I also have TubeTab being hijacked by Audio Hijack to get the sound from those Youtube videos to CocoaSplit. With Audio Hijack, you will need Soundflowerbed as well and that will be you audio source in CocoaSplit. BoinxTv doesn’t need to be hijacked as you can set the audio output to go directly to Soundflowerbed directly.

TIP FOR BOINX: add a feqature for the audio only layer to have an individual noise gate filter, so I don’t have to worry about sound from anything else I play out of BoinxTV dropping out. HOWEVER, using my workaround outlined above, you won’t have any other sound leaving Boinx, It will be sent to Audio Hijack to got out the CocoaSplit or be going into CamTwist directly depending on which workaround you went with.

Hope that clears some things up.