Wirelessly Feed Your iPhone or iPad into BoinxTV

Check out this video I made on how to use Reflector and Camtwist to wirelessly feed your video into BoinxTV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIGdP2Y8OvA

Thanks for this cool tutorial! It shows exactly the power of BoinxTV in combination with other 3rd party software!

Thank you Bob, this is amazing and highly inspiring! Keep up the good work!

An alternative to Reflector, and a pretty slick one, is AirServer: http://www.airserver.com/

Or perhaps X-Mirage? → http://www.x-mirage.com

X-Mirage is currently available for free as part of StackSocial’s “Mac Freebie Bundle 3.0”, the offer will expire in 14 days.

I haven’t tried it myself though.