Wired Educator Gives Boinx an A+


A fantastic review by Wired Educator. I wish that I had software like this to use at my school!

Wow, what a great idea! This software would be amazing in our school! (And I LOVE Wired Educator too!)

I recently purchased Stop Motion Express. Be warned, it does not Chroma Key with still shots imported from iPhoto or other batch editing software. Images shot with a hand held digital camera such as might be used by younger students, or school teachers on low budgets. Green screen ability is the main reason I purchased this program; the website is very misleading. Watch out!
Virtual Stage
Shoot your own background pictures or movies and animate dinosaurs into them. Put a real actor into an animated background. The amazing power of chroma keying (also called blue- or green-screening) brings ambitious movie ideas within your reach.