Will you support live view for "Camera XYZ" in the near future?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Will you support live view for "Camera XYZ" in the near future?</strong>
           <p>To add live view for a specific camera model, we need physical access to the exact model. So as long as we didn't have the chance to test a model ourselves adding support is not possible. Please understand that we are unable to purchase every single DSLR model on the market to test this. Most camera rentals only have the high-end models in stock so adding lower end models is even harder.  Right now we exclusively focus on Canon and Nikon DSLRs since they have the largest market share and implementing other vendors live view protocols is not feasible at the moment.</p>
           <p><a href="https://boinx.com/connect/istopmotion/knowledge/input-devices/WS100255">Read the full story here</a></p>
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On your future tests please include the " shutter and mirror " life as an important criteria to consider. Most of the Canon and Nikons in your current list of " suitable " cameras use mechanical shutters in combination to mechanical mirror housing. The average life span for those components arguably are not long enough for still motion works.

Please include mirrorless systems with " electronic " shutters in your compatible cameras.

I am shopping for a new Canon DSLR and either iStopMotion or Dragonframe. I’m considering the Canon Rebel T6i, 70D, or 80D. I don’t see any of these newer cameras on your list of supported cameras. Is your list up to date or does iStopMotion require older model cameras? Thank you.

Hi there,
I’m a high school teacher and using the school’s Canon Rebel T6i to tether to the MAC four our animations. I found your list of cameras that work with it and the T6i is not included but the T5i IS on there so i assumed that it would work, but i can’t get it to recognize this camera. It says 'not capable of providing a live video preview"…it says i need to manually update the preview but isn’t this camera MORE advanced than the T5i, so it should work?
I just took a shot remotely with it through my computer so i know that portion works. Anyway, i am waiting while it is ‘preparing source’ but it isn’t doing anything so some other suggestions? Please help! I have class tomorrow and this does not bode well

@lorrisees Thank you for using iStopMotion and I’m sorry to hear about the troubles with the camera. Unfortunately, “more advanced” doesn’t mean “more compatible”. The use case of using the camera for live preview isn’t on the radar of the DSLR manufacturers and often they do not care if it works properly and every camera is different in that regard. I generally recommend using a USB webcam or an iPhone with the iStopMotion Remote Camera app for use in the classroom. Do you have such a camera you could fall back on?

hi there,
I now have the T5i and i can get the Eos Utility remote working. I also can get a photo to snap on istopmotion app, but i cannot get the live view for the onion skinning.
I have taken out the memory card, i am running from an AC power adapter, I have enabled the Live view on the menu, but two things
–i can’t get the live view to work for the onion skinning
–it only takes a shot in Program mode which i cannot then control the exposures
Please advise

Can the istopmotion app work for onionskinning and live view on a Canon T5i? It’s on your list of compatible cameras but I can only get the live view to work via the movie camera, not the photo, so i can therefore control the exposure, etc.
I am a teacher and they are a PC world so i don’t have access to an ipad, it took forever to get the MAC desktop for this and I really want to use the live view.