Why is iStopMotion still not working with Canon DSLRs?

I am an animator working in schools and I have supported the use of iStopMotion in education for many years. I stopped using ISM last year after having spent a month back and forth with Boinx support trying to understand why the use of iStopMotion 3.6 on my MacBook Pro (Mac OS 10.7.5) with a Canon 550D / T2i would consistently fail to work. I tried absolutely every piece of advice that Boinx provided me with and ensured that every possible setting on both my camera and laptop were correct. I emailed through Console logs, tried different Canon 550D cameras on different Mac laptops yet the problem was always the same…sometimes ISM works and sometimes it doesn’t. Boinx seems very indifferent to this problem which seems to be experienced by a lot of people if you read the comments on this forum.

I paid for ISM in the belief that it would work with the Canon 550D (as Boinx said it would). It would appear however, as though the overall support for DSLR cameras is patchy at best. Dragon Frame can manage it, as can ProAnimate so why not iStopMotion?

I really want to continue to use ISM but I need software that will consistently work without failing or crashing with a Canon DSLR. I tried ISM this week on a new schools project and every time I restarted the software I got a different problem. After 15 minutes of closing the software, restarting the computer, turning the camera off and on again etc, I managed to get ISM to work for 16 frames and then the ‘Inserting image into movie failed’ warning appeared again.

Boinx must know that this is a massive problem so how come there has been no solution? Could someone from Boinx please tell me whether an update to 3.6 is due soon which will fix this problem once and for all? Please answer!

I’ve been having exactly the same issue with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Hello, exactly the same issue here. 16 frames of normal capture then iStopMotion on my iMac slows right down to an almost halt when using my Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Good luck finding a solution- I too am getting very frustrated a iStopMotion!

Hello, I followed advice to take the SD card out of my camera and fingers crossed it’s worked so far…