Why FM 4,6.9 change my photo size ?

Hi, yesterday making a slide show I appreciate than about 20 photos of 250 have a very bad resolution. I work with Lightroom 6.4, and for example, a panoramic photo size 11.500 x 1.150 px in Lightroom when move to Fotomagico, the size was 350 x 35 px ¡¡¡¡, and the zoom was 550%. I don’t know why FM downsize. Someone with the same problem ? Solutions ?. Kings rgards

I am pretty sure that this is a thumbnail file that FotoMagico grabbed instead of the original file. Unfortunately Lightroom is changing its database format from release to release and we need to adopt to the new situation. For a workaround please drag your image from Lightroom to your desktop and then into the timeline of FotoMagico.

Yes, I did that and it really works. Does not change the size of the picture. Although it is laborious to have to take two steps when before was not necessary to do so