Which Webcam?

Hi everyone.

I wanted to ask if anyone has used the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
webcam with BoinxTV. I intend to buy two and use them and use them with my mac book pro 17” i7 processor @ 2.26 GHz. Any other suggestions?

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Hi Peter,

I have a C920 and a C930 attached to my Retina MacBookPro and they work fine. They deliver great picture quality and with the App “Webcam Settings” from the mac Appstore, you can manually control every setting and lock aperture, exposure, etc.
For running two of those your Mac needs USB 3 since the high data from those tends to have the effect that only the picture of one camera comes through a USB 2 Bus.

Hi Bastian,
Thank you for your answer. Happy New Year.


One more question.

Can I run a 10m USB cable with the C920/930 cameras?

There are lots of good cameras that you can manage from your web browser which are very easy to use because they don’t depend on your OS. The only thing that you need is your IP port and ip itself to get access to your camera. You can always use your camera at home as cctv,to live cast,as hidden cameras etc.You can check here the webcams streaming online : http://www.viralcameras.com/-82/posts/5-uncategorized/8-uncategorized/44153-denmark-online-camera-tranbjerg-watch-cam-tplink-.html
here are some good webcams of different brands which I recommend : Axis, Netcam, Streamer, Panasonic, Lynksys, TPLink .

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