Which Logitech Camera?

Hi there,

I’ve had iStopMotion 2 Express for nearly a year now, and I’m looking to upgrade the camera I’m using.

I am currently using a ‘Hue Camera’ that I found on amazon really cheap, but now the quality of the image just isn’t doing it for me.

I really want to upgrade camera, and I found a couple of options but I need your help.

I’m either going to get a Logitech C910 or a Logitech Pro 9000.

I read that the Pro 9000 doesn’t work as well on a mac, but the C910 has some problems on iStopMotion.

Please respond as I’d like to get this camera soon, but I don’t know which to get!

Any alternative options I’ll consider as well.


I personally haven’t found issues with both the 9000 and the C910. The image Quality of the C910 looks better to me. Where did you read about the issues with iStopMotion? Maybe I am just forgetting something.


I read about the issues here - http://forum.boinx.com/discussion/102/im-in-desperate-need-of-help/p1

Please reply soon!

I to am looking to upgrade from the HUe webcam as although the manual focus is great the auto colour balance and exposure just ruins the films.

I was thinking about a logitech camera but read they have auto colour balance as well. Have you found this to be an issue when animating?

Yes Benjit, the auto colour balance has been a problem of mine for some time. That’s why I’m looking to upgrade!

Are there any other cameras you’re thinking of that have manual focus, but no auto colour?