Where have Facebook Groups gone?

I used to be able to broadcast live into a Facebook Group. Now I can only broadcast to a Page or an event that I am hosting.

Just upgraded to V4 but it is still not available.

Dear Andrew,

thank you for letting us know about your issue regarding streaming to Facebook groups. I can confirm that it is currently not possible to select a Facebook group as a streaming destination in mimoLive.

This is due to Facebook’s changes to their API in response to the alleged data misuse that surfaced in the last few weeks.

Facebook wrote about this change here, stating that all apps using the “group” API need to be reviewed. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/breaking-changes#groups-4-4
However, they are not performing any reviews at the moment due to their ongoing work.

Of course we want our customers to be able to stream to any destination they want (and used to be able to), but at the moment, Facebook does not allow us to fix the issue.
We will, however, make it a priority to restore this functionality as soon as possible and also reach out to Facebook regarding this matter.

A workaround explaining how you can stream to your groups will be posted soon.

Thank you for the quick response. Another reason to move to YouTube for my webcasts.

Okay Andrew,
here is the promised workaround for streaming to Facebook groups.

1. Go to your group on facebook.com and open the menu for creating a new live stream

2. Copy the Server URL and Stream Key (doesn’t matter if persistent or not)

3. In mimoLive, create a Streaming destination that uses “Custom RTMP” and enter the details (3) and (4) at the appropriate places.

4. Start streaming in mimoLive.

5. On Facebook, check that your stream is received correctly. Set a stream title and go live.

Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you will soon be able to select groups directly in mimoLive.

Let us know if this workaround works for you and feel free to contact us with any other issue.

Are we able to use comments If we do that workaround ??

@Raintrader Unfortunately, comments only work on endpoints created by mimoLive at this time. We are working on getting the comments work for any of your posts but I can’t give you an ETA.

@Raintrader PS.: Seems like Facebook has resumed reviewing apps and we’re hoping to get the groups restored asap.

Hi there, @Oliver_Boinx and everyone!
Any updates on whether the option of broadcasting to groups directly from mimoLive will ever become available again?
Sometimes, these API changes are really bad! :confused:
Thanks a lot!
All the best,