Where do I find the 'Media File Source settings popup'

Hi Boinx,

I found this:
New in 4.6: Media File Source settings popup allows selection of a playback region as well as previewing movie files and audio files.

I haven’t found this option. Am I looking at the wrong places?


Does no one know where to find this popup?

@hpopp If you happen to have a movie source in your source repository of your mimoLive document you need to expand it in order to see a little action gear in the lower right corner of the movie preview image. This action gear will open up the mentioned playback region settings popover. Does this work for you?

Hi Achim, sorry, I was blind. I used a video with nearly the same color at the first frame and there the action gear wasn’t clearly present as an overlay. I tried to find the function by right click or double click on the area.
Thank you for your patience.