Where can I set up the color or the drop shadow of titles? I can't find them in my font options pane

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Where can I set up the color or the drop shadow of titles? I can't find them in my font options panel!</strong>
           <p>FotoMagico is using the Mac OS X standard font options panel to give you full control over the titles in your show. Once you have selected a title slide in the storyboard or timeline you can open this panel with the "A"-button in the titles section of the options panel on the right side of the document window. This panel is kind of tricky and reveals its real power if resized it to its maximum width and height. To do so grab the lower right corner of the panel and drag down and right.<br><br><img src="http://www.boinx.com/chronicles/media/MD001414.png" width="517" height="469" \\><br><br>Now you can set up the color (top left) and the drop shadow (top right). At the bottom you find special controls for kerning and leading. Check out the original article for more information!</p>
           <p><a href="http://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/knowledge/authoring/WS03194">Read the full story here</a></p>
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I just bought Foto Magico 4.3.1 does not have the Blue drop shadow btton

This is not a fotomagico dialog box, it is a Mac dialog box. Have you followed the instructions above? Drag the bottom right corner of the box down and right and more options appear - including the button in question.

The blue font box and drop shadow controls are sometimes hidden. Click the gear icon in the lower left for a drop down menu and then select ‘Show Effects’.

As much as using the ‘standard OS-X dialogue’ seems - do even Apple apps even use this? It would be good to have a more common layout for font controls. Having hidden options, confusing icons and sliders doesn’t make for a great experience.

Nowhere can I find how to change the background color and opacity of a title box to make the writing stand out more over bright pictures - is this possible or a future feature?

Currently it’s not possible, but they’ve fixed it in the new FM v5 beta version. I’m not sure when v5 will be released, though. But it does do what you are asking for. (I’ve always complained about that not working, BTW). You can choose the color and opacity of the text AND the color and opacity of the background box holding the text.