Whats the maximum file size for iStopMotion - Unusual use case

I have a slightly unusual use case for iStopMotion.

I’m trying to debug some disk backup software that takes between 8-14 hours to run. My idea is to use iStopMotion to do a screen grab every second and save that to a file so I can play it back quickly and see where the issues (if any occur). The screen grab will have lots of stuff on it with different utilities such as disk io, network io etc etc.

I tried running this overnight and iStopMotion V3.2 simply crashed. Is there any limitations on file size at all? Its quite a large screen grab, but no idea if iStopMotion compresses the farm or not.

It does seem to work OK for a few hours of screen grabs.

Any advice welcomed.



iStopMotion for Mac is storing the captured images uncompressed therefor the file size gets really big if you capture the complete screen every second. We are using QuickTime to store the movie and never touch the files by ourselves. Unfortunately QuickTime can’t deal with too big files. However 2-3 GB should work.

But I think a better way would be to run an Apple Script (or unix script) to take a screenshot every second. ( https://www.google.com/search?q=apple+script+screen+shot )

OK, I’ll look at that, but just for information I’ve got to 9GB without any issue. I had an issue at 36GB though, so it’s somewhere between :slight_smile:

To be fair iStopMotion did a very good job, it grabbed the images fine, I then exported to Final Cut Pro and rendered it down to 25MB.

Whilst its bad form to reply to your own comment, the reason iStopMotion worked so well for mew as opposed to a script for grabbing the screen, is that I wanted to replay the screen back but speeded up, so grabbing a frame every second into iStopMotion meant I had a 12x speed increase, e.g. 5 secs for i minute of elapsed time. I didn’t have to do any assembly into Final Cut Pro so it saved an awful lot of time.