WHAT? Problem with the new 2.6 version? HDMI Output and stream crash. O_O

Hi there! I updated very happily MimoLive 2.5 to 2.6, but it seems to me i have a lot of trouble here.
I use to stream the project to HDMI and then via HDMI to Facebook live trough a Webcaster X2 Epiphan video and i had no streaming problem until i updated Mimolive to 2.6.
Since i updated i’m experiencing continous drop from the stream, with my videos that freeze and jump ahead like if there is some kind of problem.

Of course it could be because of the Webcaster X2 but since i had no problem till the updated it’s more likely to be a new mimolive version issue.

I worked all night to try to see where is the problem. I streamed from webcaster from my mac hdmi without using mimoLive (to see if it was not a software problem) but everything worked perfectly. If i use mimolive to hdmi and then webcaster from hdmi to stream…trobules come.

If i stream to youtube directly from mimolive everything seems to work perfectly.

So i think the question is about how mimolive send things to hdmi in these new version. It looks like if it sends stuff in a way that webcaster is not able to “digest” anymore. Did you change something that could have created the bug? does it make any sense for you?
This is becoming quite annoying since is really created trouble to my streaming project.

Waiting for your lovely answer,
Thank you,

Francesco, sorry to hear about your trouble. I guess you mean mimoLive version 5.6 (not 2.6). As far as I know we didn’t change the HDMI Full Screen Output Destination in mimoLive. Anyways the HDMI signal that comes out of your Mac is generated by the graphics card, not by mimoLive. Two things to test:

  • Can you connect an HDMI display to the display output of your mac to see if the video is already broken here?
  • Can you downgrade to mimoLive 5.5 and see if this fixes the problem? You can download the older version here: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/5.5