What HDMI capture cards and HD video camcorders have you had success with in iStopmotion 3?

Hi all,

if you have had any success using HD video camcorders and HDMI capture cards (boxes, grabbers) can you share your setup in this post?

I am mainly interested in iStopmotion 3 but any information would be great. Please include the following info: camcorder, capture box, OS, and istopmotion version.

Many thanks, Tim

In General, all external HDMI capture cards don’t work with iStopMotion 3 thanks to sandboxing. Pretty much all Blackmagic Cards work with iStopMotion 2 though. If you are iStopMotion 3 license holder and need iStopMotion 2 Pro for using those cards, please get in touch, so we can issue a iStopMotion 2 Pro license.

Hi Bastian, thank you for your reply. Just two questions. Firstly, can you confirm for me that a following setup would work: iStopmotion Pro 2.8.4 on OS 10.9 (or 10.8) with a Black Magic Intensity series card/box; I am asking because we would need to know this before buying the HDMI grabbers (it’s a lengthy process and if they were not to work it could be very troublesome). Secondly, how would we get the 2 Pro licenses? Many thanks, Tim