What do you edit your video with?

Ok, you’ve recorded an animation using two iPhones and now you want to edit together the videos and layer in sound. What video do you use to do this? Do you just export video from iStopMotion and bring into iMovie or Final Cut? What’s your favorite video editor for working with iStopMotion files?

Originally iStopMotion files are native QuickTIme files and was meant to be simply used in iMovie or Final Cut. But we see the apps having difficulties with all the non-standard data format we are putting into the movie file. Thats why we recommend to export the movie from iStopMotion into a movie format those 3rd party video editing apps can handle in a better way (e.g. H.264). Which one of the video editing apps you want to use depends on the needs and skills you have. iMovie is a lot easier to use and can create decent results. If you have some special effects in mind you should check out Final Cut because it gives you all the possibilities you may need to fulfill your dreams.

I use Joyoshare Media Cutter.

If you want to merge these two videos in order, iMovie works perfectly on iPhone and Mac.

But if you mean merging the frames of two videos together, I guess you should crop frames of each other first, then combine two videos. iMovie crops at a fixed aspect ratio 16:9, while FCP X is more flexible.